Meet the team

Sarah - Our South African Café Manager, go to girl and top dog. Full of passion for many things she is strong willed, enthusiastic and hardworking. She loves her home comforts, relaxing on her bean-bag in her Pjs, with a good gin and tonic and some home baked goods. Not forgetting cosy cuddles with her fur baby Percy, She’s on cloud 9!

Jess - The Assistant Manager and mum of the team. She holds Cobbs close to her heart and always has that friendly smile. She loves to cook, has the most random music taste. Ranging from The Foo-Fighters to The Spice Girls, and most importantly loves spending time with her family.

Chris - Senior Supervisor and full of useful information, you can ask him any question and he will pretty much know the answer. Apart from his height, his determination and kindness is what makes Chris stand tall. He loves good food, wine and coffee and is the king of pouring amazing latte arts.

Amy - Fun, Friendly and a fantastic worker and newly appointed Supervioser. She loves going to the cinema, caramel lattes (Skinny of course!), and has an amazing talent of mixing and matching patterns and colours in her clothes. She strongly believes you can never be too old to love Disney, and her amazing tattoos prove just that.

Hannah - Saving to go and volunteer in Tanzania Hannah is working hard with us at Cobbs in her Gap Year. Queen of the coffee machine and washing up, she is a lady of many talents. She has perfected her latte art heart and it is now her signature. She loves a good laugh, good music and taking her dog for long walks. 

Lucy - She’s the local Wilton girl and may be our shortest member of staff but she is very organised and has a heart of gold. She enjoys spending time with her friends, eating pizza and is also working hard at college. We look forward to seeing her every weekend to have a good chat and a catch up.  

Jody - Another one of our weekend staff members she picks up everything so quickly. She is hard-working and always happy. She enjoys going surfing in Cornwall even if she does get stung by the local jellyfish! She isn’t a fan of spicy food but tries something spicy each day to try and like it. We love that sort of passion!